Pokemon Live!

Did you know that there was a live-action Pokemon musical that toured the US from late 2000 to 2001? The costume and props people must have had a lot of work to do because all 151 original Pokemon made a cameo!


The plot went along with the anime, where Ash, Misty, and Brock travel to earn a badge. Meanwhile, Team Rocket and Giovanni plan to take over the world. This musical introduced the new Mecha Mewtwo, which hasn’t been in any other Pokemon media, which is probably a good thing because it looked like this:

mechamew2 Is this supposed to be a Pokemon??

The musical had a running time of about 90 minutes, and was very successful. Sadly, Pokemon Live never had a video release, so the only way to watch it now would be to find some Youtube videos when people recorded it. However, if you want to listen to such hits as “You & Me & Pokemon,” “What Kind of Pokemon are You?” and Brock’s “Two Perfect Girls,” you’re in luck because you can buy the CD titled Pokemon Gotta Catch ‘Em Live! There are 20 total musical numbers in total.If you’re as big of a Pokemon fan as I am, this is a must-listen!


Donald Trump’s Pokémon Team

Let’s imagine Donald Trump decided to become a Pokémon Trainer. What would his team be? This would be my best guess:


1. Meowth (that’s right!)

meowth payday

Both Trump and Meowth are attracted to shiny objects and money.

2. Jynx

jynx kiss gif.gif

Trump and Jynx are similar in the fact that they both have a history of being kinda racist.


3. Mr. Mime

mr mime barrier

Just look at how well Mr. Mime builds walls!!!


4. Loudred

loudred attack gif

I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump used a Pokémon known for being extremely loud and primarily uses shouting to attack.


5. Garbodor

garbodor attack gif

One is garbage and the other is literally garbage.


6. Skuntank


Look at those beautiful comb-overs! I just know these guys would be great friends.



Here’s the gang all together!giftrump


5 Most Annoying Things In Rocket League

Rocket League is the game that everybody wanted, but nobody knew that they wanted. The premise is simple: it’s soccer, but with rocket-boosted cars. That’s pretty much it. However, this $20 game (available on PS4, PC, and Xbox One soon) has become a massive hit with the gaming community. Rocket League is a phenomenal game, and is the most fun I’ve had with a video game in a long time. However, there are some things that just annoy the heck out of me. Here are my 5 most annoying things in Rocket League.



Yes, I know. It’s the oldest excuse in the book. But that doesn’t change the fact that it is very real, and very annoying. Just when you’re about to pull off an awesome shot, the game lags and your car ends up spazzing out and ends up somewhere else. Just check out this gif if you don’t think lag isn’t a valid excuse to somebody messing up:


Alright this’ll be an easy save…….wait what what WHAT…how did I end up over here?! NOOOOOO



I know losing sucks, but quitting is far worse! One of the best things about Rocket League is that goals happen very often. If you’re down 2-4 with only a minute left, there’s still a high chance that you can come back from that deficit! I’ve personally came back from a deficit of 0-5 to end up winning 6-5! Never give up! When you quit, you leave your teammates to play by themselves or even worse…a bot. *shivers*



Rocket League is a marvelous party game. I have plenty of friends who don’t consider themselves to be gamers, but absolutely love playing Rocket League. For many games like Call of Duty for instance, my friend can simply log into the PS4 as a guest and then play by my side. However, for some odd reason, Rocket League does not allow guests to play. Instead, each of my friends need to make an entire Playstation Network account in order to play. This is extremely tedious and annoying. I’m not sure why Psyonix doesn’t allow guests to play Rocket League, but I sure hope they reconsider this in the future.


This is the screen that pops up when you try to start a match with a guest. Why does it even let guests join the party and create a car if they won’t allow them to play?



Aw man. It’s really annoying when your teammate sucks. You do everything you can to help get the W but your teammate seems to have other plans. Here are some things that bad teammates do:

  • Not going on kickoff
  • Blindly chasing the ball
  • Blindly hitting the ball
  • Missing easy shots
  • Missing easy saves

This is only #2 on my list because you know what? I’ve done all of those things. I’ve been the bad teammate so many times. I totally understand; sometimes you just have a bad game. And everyone is bad at some point. I think Jake the Dog says it best here: 

Doesn’t change the fact that it’s annoying, though.




You miss a shot. Everybody spams “Nice shot! Nice shot! Nice shot!” You miss a save. Everybody spams “What a save! What a save! What a save!”

I get it. I missed the shot. I missed the save. Everybody messes up sometimes. Was there really a need for every single player to point out my mistake?

It actually gets a lot worse than just sarcastic comments, I often see mean ones as well. One team is losing by a bit and a member of the team feels the need to put his/her teammates down (probably as a way to protect his/her pride).

Examples I’ve seen are “[teammate] is trash” or “[teammate]’s fault we lost,” etc.

Negativity spreads, and negativity and bullying are not what the gaming community is about! We all play video games to have fun. As soon as somebody starts insulting you, it loses its fun. I’m just glad profanity gets automatically censored in the chat box.

Also, somebody once spoiled Star Wars : The Force Awakens to me in the chat box, before I had seen it. I will never ever forgive you, xbulletspongex93.

Woah Dave!

Woah Dave! is a simple arcade-style game that has sadly gone under the radar for over a year. I’m here to teach you what this game is all about and show why it should be your next purchase!



First, you choose a character. They all play the same, but it’s nice to be able to have some options. My character of choice is usually the tiny robot, Mr. Robotube.


When you start the game, eggs & skulls will begin to fall from the sky. The eggs hatch monsters, and the monsters march down the screen to return to the top as more powered-up versions of themselves.


It’s your job to pick up explosive skulls and throw them at eggs & monsters in order to collect coins.


The tricky part is staying alive.


You need to watch carefully in order to make sure that you don’t bump into any monsters, or that you don’t let a skull explode while you’re holding it.


Eventually, it will be tough to keep up with everything happening on the screen. New enemies will appear, like UFOs.


You can even fly the orange UFOs & shoot lasers for a short period of time!


Keep an eye out for Woah Blocks. They don’t appear often, but they are extremely helpful and can get you out of tough situations.


Woah Blocks destroy everything on-screen, leaving you with tons of free coins to pick up.




When a black egg appears, LET IT HATCH. The monster inside will leave a boat-load of coins if you manage to kill it before it reaches the lava. But you need to act quickly, because it’s the fastest creature in the game and can reach the lava before you even have time to react.


If you’ve been itching for a game that brings you back to your childhood days of spending all of your quarters at the local arcade, look no further than Woah Dave! Available for PS4, PS Vita, Wii U, and Nintendo 3DS for only $4.99.