Pokemon Live!

Did you know that there was a live-action Pokemon musical that toured the US from late 2000 to 2001? The costume and props people must have had a lot of work to do because all 151 original Pokemon made a cameo!


The plot went along with the anime, where Ash, Misty, and Brock travel to earn a badge. Meanwhile, Team Rocket and Giovanni plan to take over the world. This musical introduced the new Mecha Mewtwo, which hasn’t been in any other Pokemon media, which is probably a good thing because it looked like this:

mechamew2 Is this supposed to be a Pokemon??

The musical had a running time of about 90 minutes, and was very successful. Sadly, Pokemon Live never had a video release, so the only way to watch it now would be to find some Youtube videos when people recorded it. However, if you want to listen to such hits as “You & Me & Pokemon,” “What Kind of Pokemon are You?” and Brock’s “Two Perfect Girls,” you’re in luck because you can buy the CD titled Pokemon Gotta Catch ‘Em Live! There are 20 total musical numbers in total.If you’re as big of a Pokemon fan as I am, this is a must-listen!


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