Donald Trump’s Pokémon Team

Let’s imagine Donald Trump decided to become a Pokémon Trainer. What would his team be? This would be my best guess:


1. Meowth (that’s right!)

meowth payday

Both Trump and Meowth are attracted to shiny objects and money.

2. Jynx

jynx kiss gif.gif

Trump and Jynx are similar in the fact that they both have a history of being kinda racist.


3. Mr. Mime

mr mime barrier

Just look at how well Mr. Mime builds walls!!!


4. Loudred

loudred attack gif

I wouldn’t be surprised if Trump used a Pokémon known for being extremely loud and primarily uses shouting to attack.


5. Garbodor

garbodor attack gif

One is garbage and the other is literally garbage.


6. Skuntank


Look at those beautiful comb-overs! I just know these guys would be great friends.



Here’s the gang all together!giftrump